Big Data Impact on Digital Advertising Industry

Social Media and traditional advertising like- television are experiencing a few varieties to their already fruitful models. Most of the organizations have done this to improve the customer experience. But how would we as advertisers take in all these new procedures to ensure the message reaches our targeted audience? How about we begin first with web-based social networking or social media.

Social Media Ads: – There is a new norm “Pay-To-Play” in Social Media Marketing. You may know this term if you are a digital marketer. In the most recent couple of years, social media marketing has turned out to be more focused in the organic content space. Advertisement space ending up noticeably more restricted because of the algorithm updates occurring over all channels. The ad systems are more powerful and complex due to the recently updated ad manager platforms for all big channels. Today the trick is increasing in strategic ways. No devices and no big organization acquisitions giving access to new information. Infect teams will be using the resources that are available in a smart way by incorporating the tools. But it doesn’t mean new applications to take advantage or there isn’t any barrier.

Big Data has a huge impact on the digital advertising industry and the reasons are –Finding Order Among Chaos: – Digital Advertising depends on the ability how you collect, analyze and integrate the data from different sources. The 80% of data is unstructured. The data from different sources like- photos, animation, videos and social media data can’t be analyzed using traditional methods. But Organizations are now able to store and analyze the collected structured and unstructured data using the Big data Analytics platforms. As a result, digital advertisers are gaining the fresh data. Now organizations can make strategies and take marketing decisions.

Real-Time Data Analysis: – In the recent years, database solutions depend on the large data sets. It took so much of time or even weeks to do the task but give the best result. But today using big data analytics, we can perform the real time analysis and sophisticated processes in a very less time. This allows advertisers to take an instant decision on reliable and relevant information.

Personalized and Targeted Ads: – Using the Big Data, digital advertisers can target the specific audience with personalized ads. In digital advertising, the dominant players like Google and Facebook have a very good impact on creating and delivering the more appealing ads. The personalized and targeted ads are based on our personal data which we provide about what we are doing, liking, sharing and saying.

Localized Advertising: – Mobile and smart phones have given the opportunity to the digital advertisers to deliver the phone specific ads to the right people. Based on your location near to stores and social data, advertisers can send you the ads offering different discounts so that they get them to their stores. There is a high conversion rate of customer engagement using the localized advertisement. Some customers don’t feel good as the advertisers know where they are. So at the same time, advertisers will need to send the ads without offending the customer.

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